By Accident delivered at Doveton Brain Injury Support Group 2019

Eva Sifis

By Accident has teamed together with two of Australia’s leading self-advocacy organisations in an ILC Grant from the NDIS. Brain Injury Matters and United Brains each join with By Accident as it will be delivered 3 times over the financial year of 2019-2020.

The first delivery has taken place with Doveton Brain Injury Support in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs. I am consistently taken aback by the willingness of the participants to go ‘there’ and share wisdom that has not been heard by others in their respective lives. The very first day remarkable in that of the common sense of gratitude (for their injury) each of the participants had individually reached. The second and third days each brought more camaraderie and shared findings.

Truly, brain injury is a many-layered experience that forever changes the recipient and those close to them. Sometimes, all is not bad. In fact, as our participants shared, it can be a source of gratitude.

To shift one’s perception is necessary.