Meet Eva Sifis

Once upon a time I was a dancer working across Australia and performing in cabaret shows in Japan. When I sustained a serious Acquired Brain Injury in 1999 due to being hit by a car, that life ended. After my coma, a new one began. I refer to this time as my second childhood. The second one lasted just as long! I had to learn everything over again – walking, talking, relating and, most importantly, dealing with a new me.

Eva Sifis of By Accident acquired brain injury workshops
Eva Sifis leads the By Accident brain injury workshops

I have applied myself to recovery: physically, mentally and spiritually with great dedication. Through this very difficult period, I have realised a capability to overcome – to call on my resilience and strengths.

My physical needs were attended to very effectively within the system however I experienced a gap when it came to rejoining society.

In order to actively integrate myself with the ‘outside world’, I both volunteered and worked widely within the national disability arts and advocacy arena. Through this my sense of self was bolstered and, while doing so, my direction has been laid before me.

Advanced Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2009 was a huge challenge but I took the chance to re-evaluate my situation.

I returned to live in Melbourne and slowly built my Self once more.

By Accident was developed to share tools and strategies I have sourced and utilised throughout my journey for building ‘A New You’.

My Qualifications

My formal qualifications include:

  • Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment
  • Certificate 4 in Community Development
  • Certificate 4 in Wholistic Wellness

Other studies include reflexology, meditation, massage, bodywork and varied insights into disability

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I attended the By Accident workshop run by Eva Sifis starting in Nov 2022 for 3 sessions. My brain injury occurred in 2019 and my recovery has been onerous and difficult due to lack of information available. This 3 session… Read more “”

Stephen Whelan
Workshop Attendee

I just wanted to touch base with you in regards to how awesome and inspirational I think you are. Not only is the workshop so well designed and thought out but your story and encouragement of ABI suffers is next… Read more “”

Workshop Attendee