Eva’s Videos

Epworth Hospital Talk

When I was injured in 1999, the Epworth Hospital cared for me after I came out of my coma. It was here I said my first words and learnt to take my first steps in my new life.

At Brain Injury Awareness Week in September 2015, I spoke to a room of patients (both current and past), therapists, employees of the hospital and members of the public.

Here I am sharing my story.

Embryonic Zombie Butterfly

Explorations season at La Mama theatre in Carlton is a chance for artists to showcase their work on stage. This iteration of Embryonic Zombie Butterfly had been developed over 2013-2014 with the director Xanthe Beesley.

My participation in the Pathways program at Arts Access Victoria with Fiona Cook enabled a return to stage with my own story after 15 years.

By Accident Acquired Brain Injury Workshops