Natural Therapies + Supplements for Brain Injury Support

After a head injury, one may be excused for believing that life will consist of doctor’s appointments, doctor’s opinions and pharmacy scripts until enough time has passed for you to be left to your own devices. It can be a very frightening prospect, the idea that there is an end to the ‘care’.

There are alternatives to western medicine that can support you for as long as you need or want it. In my opinion, western medical care is brilliant for acute situations but my experience shows after the time for this has passed, the ‘patient’ is left to deal with life as best as they can.

I encourage a visit to a library and/or research the internet for natural or ‘alternative’ therapies. Actually, to be quite truthful, if anything is alternative, it is the Western Medical System. This has only been around for a couple of hundred years. Conversely, some natural medicine has been around for thousands.

Natural Therapies

Systems such as Chinese Medicine and the ancient Indian treatment Ayurveda are well worth investigating. I found use of acupuncture and herbs of Chinese Medicine to help with sleep difficulties and physical aches and pains. My short time living an Ayurvedic lifestyle (there is a lot of cooking involved) resulted in comments about how changed and more vital I was.

Therapies such as Kinesiology are very helpful for dealing with life in a body you may not recognise. A taster of this particular therapy has been shared in By Accident with the EK exercises. It combines ancient eastern medicine’s knowledge of the energy tracking throughout the body and western muscle testing to speak with the body’s intelligence. It is a profound and effectual treatment.

Likewise massage and body-work are ways of speaking with the body directly in order to work with it. Emotions and trauma held at a cellular level can be processed through this.

Reiki works through intention with the fields of energy surrounding the body. There is no touching of the body in one of these sessions so it can be perfect for you if you do not like to be touched or if you experience pain.

Reflexology is a non-invasive therapy that respects those who do not feel comfortable with massage. If you could imagine a map of your body and systems drawn on your feet, this goes a long way in to describing Reflexology.

When I first encountered EFT (or Emotional Freedom Technique) I needed help changing the way I spoke to myself. You may understand what I am referring to. You could also know how destructive this can be. EFT assisted a great deal. What’s more, it’s simple and easy to remember.

Understandably some of these therapies can be expensive. I will suggest finding colleges where these courses are taught. You could visit the student training centres. Students need people to practise on and you can enjoy treatments for either free or very cheaply.


Natural therapies include nutritional supplements.

Herbs have been used to treat ailments since humans first walked this earth. If you wish to begin taking supplements, it will be important to speak with your doctor when you know what you would like to start. If you are taking medicines, sometimes they may counteract with the herbs.

Here are some of the herbs taken during my journey.

The first is Brahmi. This is an ancient Indian herb used for thousands of years to heighten effectiveness of the brain. It helps with memory and cognitive functioning, regenerating brain tissue through positively influencing brain cells. It is also high in anti-oxidants and encourages steady blood pressure.

Difficulties with Sleep can be a common side effect of trauma. Magnesium helps the calming function of the brain assisting the ability to ‘switch off’. It is suggested to take 400-500 mgs of Magnesium before sleep.

A doctor expressed surprise, after I recently had my bloods measured, at the high count of many levels usually lacking in those eating a vegetarian diet. I said that I took a Spirulina supplement. He agreed that this nutrient–dense super food was probably the reason.

Spirulina is packed with goodies. It contains rich vegetable protein, multi vitamins and a wide range of minerals plus Phycocynanin (found only in Spirulina) that protects us as we live in a toxin-laden environment. It is being used to feed astronauts and there are even plans to grow it in space stations!

Sam-E first entered the market in the late 90’s and has been recognised as a powerful tool in the fight against depressive cycles of thought. It is a naturally occurring molecule that supports a host of chemical functions necessary for the normal functioning of the brain. It is highly beneficial to the brain, liver and joints and can even assist with osteoarthritis.

Cinnamon has been shown to help with neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. It also has anti-cancer properties and can reduce the markers for heart disease.

Cinnamon for acquired brain injury
Cinnamon may be of benefit for acquired brain injury recovery

Not all cinnamon is created equal though. The widely available Cassia variety may, in fact, cause problems in large doses. The benefits are found from the Ceylon variety. This is available in health food stores and Amazon has a wide variety also.

The Chinese have taken Ginkgo Biloba for thousands of years. It assists in memory and thinking problems. Improving blood circulation translates to help all over the body. It is often found paired with Brahmi in supplement form. The list of benefits from this tree is a mile long and I encourage you to look it up!

Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the Pineal Gland deep in the brain through the night-time hours before and during sleep. Not surprisingly, it is of great assistance with sleep.

Going to a Naturopath is a great idea if you can afford it. If you can’t, please consider visiting a training college to speak with a Naturopathic student at minimal cost. A health food store may assist when you first consider taking supplements. There usually will be a trained assistant you can talk with.

How to buy Supplements

There are many internet sites that make buying these supplements easier and cheaper than going to a store.

iHerb –

Puritans Pride –

These are two sites I have used in the past however if you enter the name in Google search bar, many options to purchase will appear. Please be sure to check the dosage measurement and purity of the supplement.

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