Educational Kinesiology for Acquired Brain Injury

Educational Kinesiology or EK is a series of physical exercises that could help your brain function better. They can be used to help make you focus, concentrate and even boost your confidence. Working by encouraging both hemispheres of the brain to work together, try them out and see for yourself!

I first encountered this practice when I was a child. My mum used them to help her students (she was a primary school teacher) and my entire netball team benefited also.

Visit Brain Gym – Simple Exercises for a Better Body and Mind to view a full set of instructions and personalise them for yourself.

Kinesiology to help recovery from brain injury
Educational Kinesiology may assist in recovering from traumatic brain injury
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I was thankful to be included in the By Accident Workshop. Even though I have been recovering from my brain injury for 16 years I am still learning about recovery. I learned from everyone else in the group. I love… Read more “”

Emily Ravenda
Workshop Attendee

“Your story of surviving a horrific accident and then coping through a diagnosis of cancer, struck a chord with many of our members present that day. Your presentation was wonderful Eva; the measure of comedy, pathos, and heartfelt anguish definitely… Read more “”

Nacelle Maloney
Albury-Wodonga Stroke Recovery Club