When I first signed up for a By Accident workshop, I was unsure how learning what Eva had learned about traumatic brain injury would help me. My history with sexual assault and rape is significant. As a result of long-term chronic psychological stress and trauma, my brain started to show signs of cognitive failure. Synthesis became difficult and being able to focus on any task seemed a far reach, particularly focusing on a Masters by Research Degree. Attending the By Accident course held online due to Covid, proved beneficial in numerous ways. I met people who have had some horrific

Elise Montford
Workshop Attendee

I was informed about the By Accident workshop from my neuro psychologist. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. However once the workshop started I found my eyes were opened to many more tips, experiences and knowledge about abi sufferers and life with this disability. The workshop has made me appreciate where im at in my journey and that I’m not alone. Eva you are an incredible person and are so uplifting and positive. Thankyou for this workshop and what I take from it and I can use it to assist my recovery going

Pennie Martin
Workshop Attendee

“Your story of surviving a horrific accident and then coping through a diagnosis of cancer, struck a chord with many of our members present that day. Your presentation was wonderful Eva; the measure of comedy, pathos, and heartfelt anguish definitely resonated with us all. The presentation was extremely well written and your delivery was

Nacelle Maloney
Albury-Wodonga Stroke Recovery Club
My life since I became in contact with Eva has enabled me to grow physically and mentally in the assortment of issues which come from having a brain injury. Early in our meeting I became a vegetarian for 3 years, and Eva helped me loose 53kg. And also she gave me belief in me becoming a stronger person in my community. After I completed By Accident in 2018 and not long after cov19 hit, my indoor rowing journey began, I continued on being an athlete attending gym twice a week to becoming an athlete in indoor rowing where i competed

Brain Injury Matters

“I had the pleasure of coordinating a Brain Injury Awareness Week event at Epworth Rehabilitation in August 2015 which included presentations from people who have experienced a brain injury. Eva Sifis presented at this event and was a fabulous speaker. Eva’s presentation was engaging and well polished. It was clear that she was passionate about her experiences and her desire to share her learnings with

Margaret Mealings
Epworth Rehabilitation
I just wanted to touch base with you in regards to how awesome and inspirational I think you are. Not only is the workshop so well designed and thought out but your story and encouragement of ABI suffers is next level. I personally have found your story and journey so encouraging. I am able to draw comfort and encouragement and the drive to keep going from everything you have been through to where you are today. We all have or have had therapists that are truly amazing but I have say you in the short time I’ve known. You to

Workshop Attendee

Eva is an engaging and knowledgeable presenter. Apart from sharing her own trials, successes and insights post ABI, she involves and responds warmly to her audience and their own unique lived experiences. We received lots of positive responses after her workshop and look forward to working with her

Chris Oriel
I attended By Accident in 2018. At the time, approximately 2 years after my last known TIA, I was still in the confusion, frustration and anger phase of my recovery path. This path was exasperated because of the TIA’s which were happening roughly every 6 to 8 months. When I attended By Accident, it was the first time I had been in a room with more than one person with an ABI to discuss our paths. Previous group sessions were hosted by medical personnel and were based very much around comparing medications (that was my experience). I didn’t last too

Warren Loorham
Workshop Attendee
Found the organisation through case manager and it’s been wonderful joining and most useful with other people’s information. You are never alone. There are many others in this world who are willing to share their stories. Exposure to community of other people with Brain Injuries helps me to be more compassionate to myself by understanding my experience in a context of other experiences of brain injury. More hope for the future because of seeing how others have adapted to having brain injuries. Practical skills for helping me manage fatigue, concentration and emotions. The By Accident training allowed me to connect

NDIS Feedback Participant
Workshop Attendee
I attended the By Accident workshop run by Eva Sifis starting in Nov 2022 for 3 sessions. My brain injury occurred in 2019 and my recovery has been onerous and difficult due to lack of information available. This 3 session peer lead workshop has helped me immensely to gain a better understanding of the complex symptoms and effects that my brain injury has had on my physical and emotional wellbeing. The workshop also added to my practical knowledge and skills to improve overall wellbeing and knowledge of services and formal and informal supports available to me. Eva’s enthusiasm and lively

Stephen Whelan
Workshop Attendee

I was thankful to be included in the By Accident Workshop. Even though I have been recovering from my brain injury for 16 years I am still learning about recovery. I learned from everyone else in the group. I love the positivity that Eva brings to the whole process. By Accident helped me to reframe my brain injury as a super-power. I wish I had found something like this earlier on in my recovery but at least I did find it now. It’s never too late to learn something

Emily Ravenda
Workshop Attendee
Thank you for the opportunity to attend the By Accident workshops with Eva. I learnt a lot from both my peers and  Eva’s well thought out and friendly facilitation and advice. I have been practising the breathwork to relax, all week, and wearing my anti blue light glasses for Zoom appointments, and following the 3 factors of neurogenesis, Eva mentioned in her course. Even better! My belly line has improved from eating less sugar, drinking move water, and having more fresh food in my diet. I also learnt a lot off the other participants about specifically feeling detached and wooden

Scott Jefferies
Workshop Attendee

Eva is a naturally gifted presenter who is warm and personable.  Her By Accident workshops are seamlessly delivered and of great interest not only to the ABI community, but to anyone who has been through a traumatic

Paul Pritchard
Author of Deep Play, The Totem Pole, The Longest Climb, The Mountain Path
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