Binaural Beats to Help in Brain Injury Recovery

Binaural Beats have been recognised as assisting those with ABI, Autism Spectrum and Neurological Disorders. There are many detailed articles available on sites like Wikipedia but to bring it all down into layman’s terms, Binaural Beats stimulate the neuro-chemical release in the brain.

It is best to listen to Binaural Beats through headphones to maximise the usage of both ears. The volume should be moderate to weak – the sound should be easily heard but not loud.

If, however, you would prefer to play them through speakers, I encourage you to look up Isochronic beats. These can be played as background sound to your day around the house.

Google lists many different free downloads accessible through Youtube. Look up Binaural Beats on your phone’s app store. Personally I use SleepStream2 (it’s free).

Listening to binaural beats to assist brain injury recovery
Listening to binaural beats may assist in recovery from traumatic brain injury

By Accident Acquired Brain Injury Workshops