When I first signed up for a By Accident workshop, I was unsure how learning what Eva had learned about traumatic brain injury would help me. My history with sexual assault and rape is significant. As a result of long-term chronic psychological stress and trauma, my brain started to show signs of cognitive failure. Synthesis became difficult and being able to focus on any task seemed a far reach, particularly focusing on a Masters by Research Degree.

Attending the By Accident course held online due to Covid, proved beneficial in numerous ways. I met people who have had some horrific pasts and have found some peace in their new way of being. Eva introduced me to binaural beats as a means of assisting the brain focus. Binaural beat sounds at different frequencies to assist the brain in numerous ways, from deep rest, to ability to focus on tasks for hours, instead of minutes. Eva also shared with me a way of being able to remember all my passwords. This may sound ridiculous, but when you are resetting passwords every day because your brain can’t remember them all becomes a cognitive chore.

Without the help of Eva’s extensive tacit knowledge, I truly believe I would still be in the same state of cognitive disarray. Brain injury acquired because of childhood trauma is very real and backed by significant empirical data and science. The benefits of the course provided by Eva at By Accident, can go a very long way in helping people with my type of injury, in regaining some of the cognitive function that is significantly impaired by emotional and psychological trauma.

May By Accident gain the traction so deserved as the benefits to society, social sustainability and the economy are significant – by enabling people with brain injury to understand, work with, and bring a semblance of peace, in knowing you are not alone on your journey with any type of brain injury.