So Your World Has Changed Forever, Now What

Eva Sifis

First session of By Accident – ‘So Your World Has Changed Forever, Now What’ ran this morning at Ross House. Face to Face finally after 18 months!

As someone who acquired their brain injury before the days of social media and even the internet in its maturity, I was of the belief the only way By Accident would be run would be in person.

However, post Covid together with the multiple online deliveries of the series, I have realised especially for those who have sustained their injuries after 2007, online sessions are actually feasible and can be very successful too.

I do need to say that from a presenter’s perspective, in-person lends itself to a much more controlled and comfortable delivery.

Today’s smaller group size allowed for longer shares by the participants and so everyone left feeling heard.

Next week we speak about our ‘Shifted Perspectives’ post injury.

I’m excited!

Thank you Sally for your invaluable assistance again.