Bayswater Roller City again!

Eva Sifis

Here goes the second opportunity to:

1. Utilise the space (and skates) of Bayswater Roller City and

2. To at last meet the owner, a neurophysiotherapist, Annette Ducommun, who, when learning of my endeavour, so generously allowed me to use the space for no charge…

Click here to watch all the videos.

You will see here I am regaining the ability to spin myself in a half circle.

The second clip shows why I left the centre today with not one bruise on my bum (learning to fall forward AND save myself!)

The third clip is a return trip across the rink where I am learning to draw my feet (most particularly my left) into the centre to then be pushed outwards. This will eventually facilitate forward movement.

Finding myself with two more sessions here now, I intend to then be capable enough to take advantage of a rink much closer to my home and continue my journey to rollerblading safely and comfortably again.