Second to Last day of Malthouse/Playwriting Australia Exploration of Disability Slapstick Plan 2017

Eva Sifis

Second to last day Malthouse/Playwriting Aus Exploration Monday 6 November
The partial work we shall be reading and blocking out on
Friday at 2pm – open to all so come to the Tower Room at the Malthouse,
has been doggedly pieced together from discussions and improvisations completed by our group of wayward artists, all of whom, save our directorial partnership of Jon Haynes and David Woods (Ridiculusmus Theatre -UK), identify as disabled.
Today was time to put the pedal to the metal as it were and we received our scripts only to proceed to remove pages, to add pages, to cross out whole sections of dialogue and to add lines. The pile of discarded pages in the centre of the table slowly grew as the aim to highlight specific shades of story in order to push certain nuances into the light became more defined.
The reading of our particular characterisations has become so much more fluid and the addition of new/old dialogue shifted the story to bring more sense to the multiple layers of structure apparent in the show.
This is very important as it is not our goal to have our audience completely bewildered but, in effect, to mature the perception of the wider arts sector to appreciate the complexity of the disability sector – a sector that has remained voiceless for so long.
Highlighting the advanced realm of performance we are embarking upon, our exploration will take people to places within their consciousness and understanding rarely visited. Friday promises a journey into a multi-layered reality that is a microcosm of a disabled life.
Jon Haynes David Woods Jax Jacki Brown Jess Kapuscinski-Evans Trevor Dunn Betty Ann Bobbitt Kate Hood