Crunch Day for the end of first stage of development for the Disability Slapstick Plan 2017

Eva Sifis

Crunch day for the Disability Slapstick Plan

Well, after nearly 3 years of workshops, a couple of team member drop outs, new interest from theatrical funders holding promise in their grip and a hell of a lot of exploration via discussion into the murky depths of what it means to live a disabled life (together with the improvisations leading from these), a 30 min piece was presented at the Malthouse’s Tower Theatre today.

In front of an assembled audience of about 30 curious onlookers we let fly. Our more than 60 hours of recorded material has been steadfastly transmuted into the much reduced time with the hopes of insight into our processes. Jon and David from Ridiculusmus Theatre UK have tirelessly worked on the abbreviation alongside performing their own theatre piece in Sydney last week – Give Me Your Love.
(If anyone believes artists do not work hard, think again)

The audience was treated to a multifaceted performance exploring the realities of a disabled life. I have mentioned the Russian Doll effect in structure of the 4 levels of performance evident in our show. The complexity goes part of a way to describing what life is like for over 20% of Australia’s population in some way.

Ultimately the glowing feedback supplied by the audience is all we have to go on regarding the success of this project until we hear back from our funders, representatives of which were present today.

Until then, it is time to hang up these particular performative booties. I say it again, it’s a very exciting time for authentic representation in entertainment.

David Woods​ Jon Haynes​ Jax Jacki Brown​ Jess Kapuscinski-Evans​ Trevor Dunn​ Betty Ann Bobbitt​ Kate Hood​