Eva Does Hodgkins

Eva Sifis

In Adelaide at 11am on the 11th of the 11th 11 years ago I was informed cancer was no longer active in my body. I would have a remnant lump of scar tissue, about the size of a walnut, rolling around my chest cavity forever more but that was it. Here is my favourite photo from later in the chemo ride and another right at the start with hair whilst being infused the second time as an inpatient.

Cancer sucks but dare I say Chemotherapy sucks more. Totally screwing with my cognition, I was wrenched back neurologically to about 3 years after my brain injury and had to repair all over again. It didn’t release me til 5 years after and I tell you, the moment the chemotherapy departed my body is etched in my mind as it was so palpable.

No, I will never forget.

Onwards eternally!