Mt Wudinna

Eva Sifis

What an absolute surprise to hear Mt Wudinna, Australia’s second largest Granite Monolith to Uluru is a short drive away. In winter we had it all to ourselves!

Single mindedly I made my ascent, calling on all the leg muscles I have and not stopping once dare I crumple.

The pic starting this collection was taken in a hollow known as a Tafoni. It kind of looks like a bubble in solid rock.

Next we see the sight welcoming us from the base followed by a view from the Tafoni. Next we dared the gale force winds whipping atop the huge, be-mossed and lichened rock to see the various oasis’s of hardy and straggly plants daring to eke out an existence on that unwelcoming surface.

Traversing the uneven and steep descent made me realise I’m happiest when challenging myself with adventures and natural environments.

The last pic of the mount was taken from a distance away at a similarly aged rock – Polda. These outcrops have been weathered away over the past 1500 million years! Mind boggling stuff.

I was so surprised to find only one short sentence about the original people who lived here. All the stories displayed were throwing accolades at the pioneering forefathers (there evidently were no women in those days) who built rock dams circumnavigating the rocks in order to harvest the rain water pouring off. These efforts were not justified purportedly.