Melrose… it’s been real

Eva Sifis

Melrose… it’s been real.

In the shade of Mt Remarkable we set up for more ‘life on the move’. This past week has given us various shades of experience ranging from a hike up the mount (not all the way – there were about 6kms still to go on the track wending up the slope). We treaded gingerly across multiple rock avalanches and connected with a one Joey (in pouch) family of Roos on the way up and down.

Another experience were the 150 kids from Wilderness College doing their outdoors module. Their voices supplied a lively yet strangely meditative background to our slip to sleep early last night.

The morning brought lovely sunlight whilst I completed Media Spokesperson training with Australian Progress. I took a pic of bush bees and the set up complete with morning flames for the chill is here at last. The last pic is of a massive once-was gum, the likes of which no doubt populated Australia all over before white man.

It’s so bizarre – this working on the road remotely thing. Whilst helping me hone my cognitive juggling skills, the ability to slide into business mindset with the great outdoors as a backdrop might be something for humanity’s future so I’m getting in early!

Tomorrow Whyalla.