Looking forward to meeting Nasreen tomorrow – 3 May 2017

Eva Sifis

I am very much looking forward to meeting Nasreen tomorrow and seeing where her organisation bases it’s business of helping those women sold into childhood slavery

From her original post –
When we went to rural public school. So many were male teacher and male principal so far We have distributed sanitary kits to almost 10 schools and I haven’t meet any female principal yet.I just wish there could be harmony but i guess maybe not enough women teacher is there yet.But the good thing i saw in school is many girls are joining school. I asked the principal if it possible if i can give menstruation class to boys and girls both. For the first time someone ever asked the principal this question for a second he was silent and looked confused but immediately said yeah okay. He was supportive arranging everything .we gave the class about What happens to our body when we grow up?
What is menstruation? When will you have next menstruation? How to make a chart for your monthly Menstruation? What is difference between Reusable pads and Plastic pads?
And why it is important for boys to be supportive to girls when she is going through menstruation.
And by the time i end this class it feels wave in the environment of huge smile positive energy excitement. I am sending all these energy to all the beautiful people who have supported this project.
Thank you so much Kim McFayden for your support for this projects.