Catscan in Kathmandu – 4 May 2017

Eva Sifis

Checked by a Dr, a Specialist and had a catscan all for $200 today. Now that really is inconceivable…
I know i’m fine but knowing the pickle my good friend Deb Art is in was cause for extra pause + the fact I whacked the same side of my head that bore the brunt 18 years ago gave me reason to delve a bit deeper.
I find out tomorrow.
After the hospital shenanigans were over I decided some pampering was in order so Mum and I luxed out for a couple of hours like royalty. Luvly!
Tomorrow I visit Local Women’s Handicrafts, view the change being wrought by Nasreen Sheikh and wrap up this past month of confrontation and transformation.
Catch ya on the flip side x