Landed in Kathmandu Nepal – 11 April 2017

Eva Sifis

Scenes from the day’s travel. From outside Bangkok airport to the luggage carousel chaos of Kathmandu. Selected shots of electric cable madness, street doings and sunset pictures taken from our little hotel in Thamel. Such lovely, welcoming peeps have been a boon to find. I get the sense that most are like this tho! The driver who took us from the airport named the place Dustmandu and be damned if he is absolutely correct. We met a random Tasmanian on the street today who gave us the brand of her dust mask and the number of her mask dealer – GOLD. It’s taking an absolute age to upload though I’ve been trying for the past hour and must aquiesce to the utterly shit internet connection so maybe you’ll get some images tomoz.
Now… To sleeeeeeep