Hanuman-dhoka Durbar Square Kathmandu – April 15 2017

Eva Sifis

Today held a new discovery. One needn’t leave the city to go trekking! The pure devastation visited by the quake means I could break my new trekking shoes in walking the approx 4kms to Hanuman-dhoka Durbar Square.
This huge site holds 43 crumbling places of worship and contemplation, all propped up by seemingly insignificant wooden struts.
A majority of these structures date to the 15th and 16th century but their majesty holds to this day. Guarded by lions, faithfully painted in fresh colours, the buildings are yet visited by those offering prayers and seeking blessings from the sardhu’s offering themselves and accepting charity for those wishing photographic opportunities.
I’ll be back to finish this update…
Mum and I were going to visit another temple site yesterday but after returning to our ‘home’ district for a meal, decided one lot of mindblowing sights was enough for our energy levels. We went to an Irish pub with a rooftop cinema and watched Rogue One – GREAT film!, Nepali beer in hand (lovely, light, cheap and very generous). Met a lovely random Californian who entertained is with impressive tales of his trekking journey.
I actually slept most of the night. Something that hasn’t occurred for months!