Blah Day Kathmandu – April 14 2017

Eva Sifis

So today was blah day. I have reached exhaustion point – a reason I set such an extended time here.
The only real thing achieved was setting an unreal, value packed 10 day journey from Kathmandu to Pokhara to Lumbini and then to Chitwan.
Sights will be seen and experiences had that will stay with me a lifetime and, no doubt, entice me to return to Nepal.
Of course there will be some days set aside for me to attend the organisation Seven Women to research the guise women’s empowerment wears in this land.
Loud Nepalese music is streaming through the open window from the street as tonight is Hindu New Years Eve 2074. The roads are mayhem and, in my fatigue, I have stumbled. This is not ideal with so many moving vehicles crowding the streets. So, in the interest of self preservation, I am sitting this one out.
Until the morrow…x