Day 6 Jo Bannon Residency – Invoking Breath – Oct 2017

Eva Sifis

What are the politics of Penetration? Colours can even be political.

Practically and reflectively through dialogue, we explored this today.

Are we penetrating each other? Are we advocating for our protection?

Tomorrow we will show a taste of the depths visited this residency with Jo Bannon to a small audience selected either for their closeness to the participants or the funding bodies. Today we went over some material formed over the past week and got up to speed with what we have achieved,

The way we have worked, how we have worked.
Do we just discard? Do we scatter the seeds to form the new?

Structure is our friend, we wrote a timeline for tomorrow and got tangible.
Looking at our identity in performance and ideas of penetration together with the improvisation around these topics, the group discussion centred on the seeds.

What are the things that are still necessary in our work? How to consolidate? How to pare it back? We watched and looked at each other to know when to stop, when to allow another artist to hold sway. We went where our desire led us and returned to the improvisation, repeating it, seeking finesse.

An experiment in wanting…

At the point of embarkation…