Day 5 Jo Bannon Residency – Composition of Desire – Oct 2017

Eva Sifis

After morning check in, conversation germinated around the seeds or spores of ideas. From little things, big things grow… a shoot here, a leaf there. Either the fledgling concept grows roots to harbour real growth or it dies away leaving fertile soil for fresh intent.

Focussed on Composition with a recollection of the places described by yesterday’s group explorations, we held the notion of space and time in our minds together with the awareness of how we share it.
When do we add something? When do we stay?

All too often immersion in practise translates to ‘not coming up for air’, (or lacking the objectivity to realise it is time to depart the stage. This allows room for the others to integrate their own characterisations).
Ach for the ability to remove oneself from active play! Difficult stuff.

The day was a day for doing not talking. Hours were spent in improvisation. Whenever the spark of artistic fire enflamed us to action we would exchange roles. Be it Pose, Action, Sound, a veritable relay of performance ensued, ‘Desire’ the driving force. With our collective input, seemingly random poses led to storytelling.
Scenes evolved organically and shifted the sands of desire, wending their way, integrating our shared material to be performed.

The first group contributed ‘Pig Bag, Up the Crack, Ambiguously’ – here there was a lesson in greed, of speaking the languages of performative nature.
The second group gave us ‘Preacher in Louboutins, Catching Insects in Pillow Cases’ and an awareness of symbolism in silence.
Guess you had to be there…

In other news, I was blessed to be able to watch the inestimable Emma J Hawkins play the role seemingly made for her in ‘Big Bad Wolf’ this evening at the Space Theatre. I giggled along with all the other kids in the audience, together inhabiting that place of childish joy and captivation.
(I was naughty. I took piccies. I couldn’t resist. Ho.)