Brain Injury Matters series

Eva Sifis

This week another series of By Accident began. Sponsored by Victorian brain injury peer support group ‘Brain Injury Matters’, there are 5 more series to go. Get in touch if you are injured and interested in taking part with no outgoing cost.

I developed By Accident motivated by the wide range of tips I have researched and used successfully during my 21 year ongoing recovery from severe brain injury as a consequence of being hit by a car.

Brain Injury Matters!

During the course I recognise each of the participants as an authority of their own experience. With the knowledge that we are the ultimate professionals at dealing with our own realities, the strategies and tools shared benefit all present.

Covid Time has shifted the course online but there is light at the end of this long separation. Soon we will all be able to be in the same room together again.

I look forward to hearing from you!