10 years ago today

Eva Sifis

10 years ago today, after packing all the gear I could see myself using into my not-long-for-this-world Toyota Corolla, I gave myself the ultimate Valentines Day gift and drove with my friend Tamon Fraser to a new life in Melbourne.

I didn’t quite pick up where I had left off 10 years before (when I limped back after the brain injury) but the tentacles of chemotherapy were yet strong around the ankles of my cognition. My steady grip on reality was still a way off.

10 years ago today

Slowly footsteps were taken, opportunities were picked up, mentors unveiled themselves and more metaphoric stepping stones fell from the heavens creating a path forward to here.

I am in a very different place to the hazy, indeterminate state I landed in Melbourne with. Though I am decidedly on my way, excitement for the intangibility of chance still drives me.

Who knows where we will all be in 10 years.

What I can be sure of is I am on my way to find out.