Travelling is a superpower and I am grateful

Eva Sifis

Tennant Creek has been balm this past week as I ready myself for the 14 hour trip on the Greyhound north to Darwin in a few hours.

Whilst here I have spent valuable time with both Amy Lasslett from my VATT days and my wonderful uncle John. Amy showed me some of the gorgeous surroundings, introducing me to life here on the way. I spent much time in recollection and writing thanks to her air conditioned home.

It’s strange to be in a once thriving place with now boarded up buildings and desolate streets. There is yet life here but who knows what it will take to revive. One wonders if there is a need.

The shots of sunset seem so magnified because of all the smoke in the air from the many bushfires burning as one with so many others around the world. These are interesting times indeed.

To Darwin before Brisbane tomorrow. The ‘Australian Performing Artist’s Forum’ is an appropriate end to this particular journey of reclamation.

Travelling is a superpower and I am grateful