Tower Room Development DSP Malthouse October 2017

Eva Sifis

After a day’s break yesterday we reconvened in the Tower Room to continue development of the work that will be shown on Friday the 10th at 2pm.
Informed by the improvisation and discussion carried out by our group over the three active weeks since February 2016, the question of what parts of a character can be imitated arose. Is there free license? It was settled that though we can not imitate a person’s physicality or voice, behaviours are the essence of characterisation. This is what can be taken on to find our translation of truth. As we read through the scripts handed to us, our past voices rang true however there remained the need to make alterations occasionally to allow smooth flow.
We acknowledged that the presence of an audience quells pure freedom in artistry. Here, when I speak of freedom, I refer to a stage without a row of witnesses, a stage divorced from the need to assume the mask of performance.
All the material the script has been extruded from has been spoken in our interactions and recorded faithfully.
There occurred a meeting in the past few days where the changing face of our group was spoken of, together with a recognition that the importance of this opened dialogue has been thus discombobulated. David shared that this conversation was brilliant in nature, referring to the Framework of Solidarity apparent in our achievements. This highlighted the safe space demonstrated by our collection of artists. Our common enemy has been clearly identified – the ‘cripping up’ of non-disabled actors.
Establishment of frameworks and ways to work will be clearly defined in any collaborative effort from this point on for we have learnt our lesson in these passion filled days.
Also reflected is the utter dreariness of bureaucratic systems of work. It has been such fun to divorce our characterisations of any sense of lightness or even interest. This has required quite a sense of discipline when surrounded with such powerhouses of skill and humour.
Another benefit is apparent. It has been said we are, in effect, maturing the sector by our investigations whilst remaining playful and irreverent within this. We are bending the roles doled out to us by society but having fun doing it.
A quote by Jon, (joint artistic director of Riduculusmus UK) but caught by our company member Jess Kapunski Evans – “Life is not structured like a Robert McKee screen play.”
[Guru of screen writing who wrote a book called Story that shows a formulaic approach to narrative]