Tonight’s Pieces Of Me meeting

Eva Sifis

Tonight’s Pieces Of Me meeting marked the end of the process. If it wasn’t for damned lockdown we would have been performing our collected works tonight in order to wrap up.

A Skype call (accompanied by the heater limpet Henri) had to suffice. Visible on the screen are our core performance group Warren Loorham, Antonio Iannella, Anat Bigos and her mum Ilana and one of our two directors, Julie McNamara, in London. Our second director, Adelaide’s Lisa K Lanzi and NSW collaborator Kate Liston Mills are not seen here but are still very much part of this process. POM will reconvene when the way forward is found.

In appreciation to Theatre Network Australia for the Victorian Independent Producer’s Initiative that has brought this collection of brilliant artists, all with brain injury, together to tell our stories of the journey towards Gratitude.