The Corner Dance Lab – Federal NSW Jan 2014

Eva Sifis

Eva Sifis to THE CORNER DANCE LAB 2014

The fortuitous opportunity to participate in The Corner Dance Lab has unfurled itself in the most surprising and unexpected ways. Here I find myself with the chance to collaborate with people who encourage me to explore those corners within myself where I have feared to tread for so long. The self flagellation is slowing. I hope to step from here with renewed focus and acceptance for who I am and the way I move now.
17 January 2014
Phew! Here I stand, on the other side of an entirely inspiring journey, on the cusp of the showing that takes place tomorrow night. We will give experiential sips from the cup of the week that was at The Corner Dance Lab. Mouths will be agape, conceptions shifted and the carpet rolled out to welcome the new reality that has been shaped. Emotions have ridden the full scope of possibilities to finally rest in empowerment. Empowerment of each and every dancer there. Camaraderie, compassion and creativity have all culminated.
Hear ye, hear ye. Come one, come all to The Corner in Federal NSW.
Minds will be blown…x