Found the organisation through case manager and it’s been wonderful joining and most useful with other people’s information.

You are never alone. There are many others in this world who are willing to share their stories.

Exposure to community of other people with Brain Injuries helps me to be more compassionate to myself by understanding my experience in a context of other experiences of brain injury.

More hope for the future because of seeing how others have adapted to having brain injuries.

Practical skills for helping me manage fatigue, concentration and emotions.

The By Accident training allowed me to connect with other people with brain injuries, giving me a sense of shared commitment to learning to make the most of our lives post ABI. It introduced me to techniques and methods others have found helpful for managing fatigue, concentration, emotional regulation and other symptoms. It’s given me more hope that I can find the new person I am now after ABI, instead of seeing myself as a lesser version of my previous self.

If you are feeling isolated then this is a wonderful way to meet other people with lived experience of the enormous adjustment that it requires to come to terms with life after brain injury. As someone with a relatively new brain injury (28/8/16) it was helpful to meet other people who have learned to navigate life despite their injuries.

This course was a great way to learn new stretches, meditate & to converse with like-minded individuals.