Thank you for the opportunity to attend the By Accident workshops with Eva.

I learnt a lot from both my peers and  Eva’s well thought out and friendly facilitation and advice.

I have been practising the breathwork to relax, all week, and wearing my anti blue light glasses for Zoom appointments, and following the 3 factors of neurogenesis, Eva mentioned in her course.

Even better! My belly line has improved from eating less sugar, drinking move water, and having more fresh food in my diet.

I also learnt a lot off the other participants about specifically feeling detached and wooden inside, which I have been trying to overcome myself.

We don’t usually get the chance to talk openly about our progress and hurdles with the other BIM members and learn off people who have been through it all.

That’s the power of groups. (someone always says something of relevance to other people that makes them think.)

The weekly activities: such as Coffee Morning’s and the Brainstormers group day outs are more about learning through social activities, not specifically getting advice from knowledgeable people who have experienced ABI.

I thank Eva for her kindness and great teachings. The By Accident workshops fill this gap nicely. And i would recommend it to all members of BIM new or experienced.