I attended the By Accident workshop run by Eva Sifis starting in Nov 2022 for 3 sessions.

My brain injury occurred in 2019 and my recovery has been onerous and difficult due to lack of information available.

This 3 session peer lead workshop has helped me immensely to gain a better understanding of the complex symptoms and effects that my brain injury has had on my physical and emotional wellbeing. The workshop also added to my practical knowledge and skills to improve overall wellbeing and knowledge of services and formal and informal supports available to me.

Eva’s enthusiasm and lively personality and positive outlook made this workshop both entertaining and informative. The peer lead discussions and facilitated exchange of information will assist me in the future to navigate the complex service system whilst looking after myself using skills and knowledge gained in this series of workshops. I would encourage anybody with a brain injury to participate and I look forward to participating again in the future to further enhance my skills.