Seven Women Kathmandu – 20 April, 2017

Eva Sifis

Today was both quiet and infinitely empowering.
Starting the day trawling the streets of Thamel satisfying a certain necessary feminine wardrobe accroutrement, we went on to finally meet with the organisation I have been intending to for the entire time.
Seven Women empower women disadvantaged in this patriarchial society (not that different to our own – the gaps are only wider) by being left holding the baby (or not) for a more desirable choice or they may have a disbility. The severity of disability matters much. We saw and were told that physical disability is dealt with as non visable disabilities such as ABI or mental/psychological disabilities or severely debilitating disabilities are dealt with in this society by, for example, restricting the person’s movements in the home and in society.
The organisation, housed in a big old home (like a manor) within a walled compound, teaches and girds the skills learnt until the ladies either marry or open their own enterprises.
The powerful Anita Kerr Nepali and a couple of the original Seven (I felt very blessed to meet) described for us both the operation and driving force behind the organisation (started by an Australian woman and that has been recognised by the UN).
I shared my own story as well as my intentions for By Accident and heard Anita’s own tale of struggle and singlemindedness leading her to her current position within the org.
I will visit again tomorrow morn to interview some of the women. Their historia of challenge and determination will strengthen my work into the future.
This will not be my last visit to this remarkable land.