Off day in Pokhara and first view of clear Annapurna Ranges – April 24 2017

Eva Sifis

Today was another necessary ‘off’ day. There was an hour or so when I awoke from a two hour midday nap where I wished to reconnect with our guide and do something, go somewhere, see something, but Mum, at my side, walking slowly around, helped me to see my folly.

It eventuated in the loveliest time spent just observing, going into and out of shops, not buying anything and finally heading down a laneway, past a shed/store house of huge old restored Royal English motorbikes from the 40s and 50s and a big table encircled by a group of men, about 20 of them, their excitement palpable, as an Aussie stood at the head preempting what would doubtless be a testosterone laden two wheeled journey across this surreal landscape. Mum drooled a bit at these machines of fervour as we passed on the way to the lakeside of Pokhara.

At the water’s edge the clarity of green of the surrounding wooded hills was special indeed as most of the time they are shrouded in mist/cloud. It was clear all the way to the white scudding high above, teasing the Bindabasini Temple atop the facing mount. A Hindu temple inducing fervour not unlike that shown by those men in that shed, the goddess Durga (or Shakti, or Kali) is revered there. Worshipped in her blood-thirstiest form, thankfully we did not visit there today as animal sacrifices are practiced on Saturday and Tuesday. I am fairly sure I would not have been able to weather that.

We saw a Bollywood movie being filmed a little along the walkway and I filmed a bit of the dance sequence being toyed with as we made our way.

Marvelling at the vista before us, the ascending slopes to the far right fantastic in their graduations growing ever shadier in the distance (perspective has never held more meaning than here), I was completely unprepared to turn around.
When I did it was with a little scream “Oh Look It. LOOK IT!!”

There was the sight that has been evading us the entire journey long. Mountain ranges, these were the Annapurna ones, squatting solid, majestically gigantic, towering above the wooded hills, clear as day and perfectly illuminated, jewel-like by the setting sun.
Unreal completely. Not much is going to be able to top that moment let me tell you.

Tonight we went for a quiet dinner, I’m in love with Nepalese vegetarian Thali as you have so many little tastings of lovely food in one go. We sat under a little replica of the Peacock Window. We saw the original near Durbar Square in Kathmandu. It seemed a little fortuitous however I know not why.
As we sat, I noted the height of the lights atop the surrounding mounts in the blackness of night. In Adelaide I would say the lights on top of the hills are at about 45 degrees. These are about 60-65 degrees. Can you dig it??

Anyway, it is late and time for sleep. I have felt a bit “off” all day and have a bit of dullness in that side of my head. I think my smackdown in Kathmandu was more than just a tap. Ahem. I’m in good hands and under an extremely watchful eye, the sort only a mother could give. I’ll get checked out if this goes on for much longer, never fear.
Until the morrow my friends…x