Nexus 3

Eva Sifis

Today saw the end of the premier program of Nexus.3.

Formerly developed and programmed by the inestimable Heidi Everett, Nexus started life as a program to assist those younger artists negotiating the hurdles of their mental health. When Heidi moved on from Arts Access Vic she entrusted me with its further development.

The initial plan was for a cohort made up of young artists with ABI – acquired brain injury. The offerings for this population are sparse at best. I set to the task with gusto.

Covidicus hit and after 3 stop starts indicative of the giant pressure of life in Melbourne, Australia during 2020/2021 we set off on our journey of inhabiting our space as artists displaying many shades of human-kind within the sector of disability arts.

Today the series ended. I have great faith it will not be the last run. With my prior experience as barometer there is great need to hear the voices of those who have gone before.

This picture was hearing from AAVic’s CEO – Caroline Bowditch last week.

Strength to us all.