Last Show at National Play Festival 2018

Eva Sifis

Tonight saw the last showing of the Disability Slapstick Plan at the Eternity Playhouse of the Darlinghurst Theatre in Sydney as part of the National Play Festival 2018. Even if I thought tonight’s performance was lack lustre, I was drawn to believe otherwise when not one, not two but three individuals affirmed their view of my skill in acting. I assured them I thought not, in fact, wholeheartedly believed not.
Now not many of you would not know but I had my sights set on an acting career for myself before I had the fortuitous blessing to be washed up on the shores of the Dance. It is utterly unreal to stand at this point, 20 years later, and be brushing the sand from my eyes upon the beach belonging to the island of Dramatic Arts once more.
I do believe I still have my sea legs and cannot conceive of finding safe harbour here again. I was but a girl last time I stood here.
What, me? An actor?
This is stranger than strange and I am quite exhausted. Tomorrow I fly back to Melbourne.