Just met with Dr Mathew Lim

Eva Sifis

As a lecturer in the ickily named ‘Special Needs Dentistry’ he recognises the distance yet to be travelled in the education of dentists when it comes to those disabled by our society. This translates to only 25 dentists Australia wide who specify in the sector – a shocking statistic that says much for the societal shift yet to occur in this country.

I met Dr Lim at an event of the OneOneTwelve initiative. Seeking to attract more attention to this need, Dr Mina Borromeo began this charity. I gave a presentation there earlier this year that minced no words and took no prisoners in relation to experiences with the dental industry since acquiring my disability.
Truly, there is far to go but with initiatives like OneOneTwelve and with specialists like Dr Mathew Lim flying our flag there is hope too!

I will add a link to a recent article in the comments section that goes further in to this issue.

I am excited for the future of my relationship with Dr Mathew Lim and what change may come due to it. Watch this space…