Extreme Everest Flyby Nepal – 18 April 2017

Eva Sifis

Yesterday was one marked by extremes.
Extreme anticipation woke me before our 5am alarm and girded our preparation to meet the driver who picked us up in his VW Golf to take us to the airport. There an Extreme assault on the senses thanks to the pungently pungent monkey scat being laboriously cleaned away from the floor immediately next to our plane passenger line. Next was Extreme dismayed annoyance by a tired yours truly at the news I was to be seated on the edge of the wing. (Um, i know how large these mountains are!)
Then was an Extremely panicked rush for the plane bus with an Extremely hot mocha. The next Extreme appeared out of the window of the small light plane flying it’s regular hour long route skirting the edge of the Himalayan range as the sun rose. I captured images on my Extremely inadequate iPhone camera (all good – i can share them Extremely easily). Next was Extreme disappointment I missed a clear view of Everest but this was tempered by the Extreme view availed to me from the cockpit.
The Extreme fatigue I felt dashed any hope of sightseeing after the flight as i had to pass out for a couple of hours.
The Extreme removal from the way business is carried out in Australia was highlighted next by doubt visited by our hotel manager (and erstwhile tourism operator) of the value of our tour package – fixed by another agent. Extreme awkwardness marked our witnessing of the measured ribbing from our honest agent of the Extremely inexperienced (in the tourism field) manager.
Extreme relief at a dinner invitation from one of the fellow passengers saved us from further discomfort. We found our way through the Extremely confusing streets to a rooftop oasis, removed from the Extremely overwhelming hubbub below. There we enjoyed an Extremely crisp Rose from Melbournian climes and whiled away the hours in Extreme camaraderie.
In the end it was all Extremely good.