Chinese Medicine Works y’all

Eva Sifis

Dr Lisa Yan Yan Liu once again practicing her deep knowledge and skill. It never fails to amaze and impress me, the information she gleans from photographs of my tongue and the pulse points chosen. Structural, internal and energetic measures all are translated.

Her needles played upon my bellybutton, ankles, calves and take a look at my right hand. This cluster of needles is to treat stiffness on the right side of my neck.

I had to hug her this afternoon. Never before have I experienced a healer such as she.
Just the other day I received a comment such as I haven’t heard for quite a while – that over the past 4 years there is a noticeable improvement in my walking. I didn’t need to hear it as I can feel it. The steps come smoothly and feet not smacking the ground so much. I feel upright and strong.

Chinese Medicine Works y’all.

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