AFDO National Disability Advocacy Conference

Eva Sifis

Today I attended the AFDO National Disability Advocacy Conference celebrating its 20th anniversary of practicing its vision – That all people with disabilities must be involved equally in all aspects of social, economic, political and cultural life.

Here I am standing with CEO Ross Joyce in the first pic
The second pic shows me with a friend that I admire so much from my early days with Women with Disabilities Vic, Jen Hargrave, wearing a very cool tshirt. She now is an academic researcher at Melbourne University and brought up, in the panel focussing on the recently released Disability Royal Commission, the glaring omission of attention on the violence faced by disabled women and girls. The fight goes on… we must keep demanding this.
The last picture shows us all with glasses raised at the end of the day in honour of the ongoing work of AFDO.

Can I mention how wonderful it is to be back in person? As I got ready this morning, it was with excitement. I loved being able to clasp hands and kiss cheeks again.

I also was part of the Advancing Women with Disability in the Workplace Expert Advisory Group online 1/2 way through the day for People With Disability Australia PWDA.
I will speak more about this organisation soon as I have some welcome news to share.