A sayonara post in gratitude to the souls who held me whilst I healed on Gili Air

Eva Sifis

First, twin spirit and fast friend Lydia
Then a bobble tailed ginger
The wisdom of Madi over our many long talks has infused my sense and respect of the varying faces of faith with the Lover
Abim and one of the many loving beach dwelling felines
The musical and wise Jefri
The two who welcomed me to the island with open arms and hearts when I landed unexpectedly due to a dodgy travel site. They went on to both feed and entertain me over the duration of my stay Miki and Ami
Finishing up with a not so visible but wonderfully clear audio of Toby and the nighttime view from the Sunset Bar

After a harrowing, tumultuous ‘fast’ boat ride back to Bali (taking 3 rollercoaster hours instead of the expected 2.5) where I actually held on to my guts. An acupressure point three finger widths down from the palm on the inner wrist was found to be amazingly effective. Everyone around me benefitted too!